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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Welcome to our new blog site

Welcome to the liveCebu blogg site. Here you will find posts related to living in Cebu, the good and bad aspects. Please look in and share any comments or your own experiences.

Daylight Robbery? (PNB ATM)

I thought I would tell you about a recent ATM problem I had back at the begining of December 2005. At around 11:30 a.m I tried to withdraw 4000PHP from the PNB ATM at Wanterfront Mactan PNB Bank, Cebu.

I enterted my pin number, selected withdrawl, entered 4000php, the machine told me it was unable to process my transaction, returned my card and printed me a slip showing an error code. A couple of days later looking at my online Alliance & Leicester UK bank account I was shocked to see that the 4000php had been debited from my account along with the usual £1.50 charge for using the service.

I went straight to the PNB Bank and showed them a copy of my bank statement showing the debit, explained the problem and gave them the printed ATM receipt showing the error code. I was told to fill out a form and that the matter would be dealt with and my money returned before Christmas.

Today (2nd Jan 06) the bank seems to know little about my problems (despite me filling out an official PNB form) and stated that my bank would be the one to refund my money and it could take months. What a load of rubbish! I expected this would be the response from the PNB bank staff.

Please be warned that when an error occurs over here using your European Credit/Debit card in the ATM you are more than likely to run into a brick wall with respect to sorting out the problem. I am now £44 out of pocket with no hope of getting my cash in the near future. Has this happened to you? let me know and tell me if you got your money back.