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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Update on my Trespass Case

Today the 16th March 2006 I have to attend the court here in Cebu to take part in a process called mediation. As I understand it, I have to meet with the accused and see if there is any way that formal proceedings can be avoided.

To my mind this is a pointless procedure as the accused are so full of bravado that there attitude is, we can beat you , you are just a stupid foreigner here. On there own the accused could not afford to pay their electricity bill but because they have the infamous Phil-Am sister to fund their case they feel sure to win.

I have a good case against them but hey this is the Philippines and strange things do happen. I will give you an example, the judge in this case decided to lower the offence that these people were being charged with, from grave coercion of a minor with trespass to dwelling, down to just Qualified Trespass to Dwelling. As a result of this I was allowed to submit review affidavits and enter any new witnesses I might have. The court however failed to make me aware of this and as such I am now probably stuck having just one witness.

Bottom Line, if you have to take legal action over here then get a good lawyer from the start and do not believe everything the justice department might tell you.

Keep you posted on development from today's meeting

Avoid Legal Proceedings in the Philippines

Hello again,

I would like to warn anybody living in the Philippines to avoid at all costs taking any legal action. I am speaking as a person who has embarked on a case of trespass against 3 people that entered my home without invitation.

My wife and I were out at the time but my 6 year old daughter and our helper were at home. Having found us not to be home these three people came in to my home and removed and item belonging to the sister of one of the trespassers.

To cut to the chase I accused them of trespass, intimidation and coercion of a minor. The whole matter is now with the courts. The Reason I advise against getting involved is that the Justice System here is overworked and underpaid. Advice given is far from accurate and I feel that I am halfway to loosing my case before it's gone to court as a result.

It is only the fact that these people invaded the sanctity of my home and left my daughter exposed to the experience, that I am pursuing the matter. If at all possible just let it go!.

Will keep you posted as to what happens next.

The New Web Site

Well I seem to be typing this blog well after the event but what the heck. I have finally published the new and improved website. The site is a multi-purpose web site designed to offer information about visiting Cebu, Philippines or perhaps coming here to live.

My site has various guides to living in Cebu, including living costs, Education, Health Care, Getting about and much more. The site also promotes the services of several companies based here in Cebu. We can offer Tours, Real Estate and Forwarding services.

Please have a look in and let us know what you think. There is a nice Image Gallery as well, showing various places here in and around Cebu City.

Have fun!

ATM Cash Refunded

Hello to all,

After my last entry I was certain that I had seen the last of my 4000PHP and that the PNB were a corrupt bank. OK I was jumping the gun and expecting the banking system to work at faster pace than was reasonable. It has taken just under 3 months but I have been refunded the 4000PHP.

I appologise to all PNB staff I might have offended. but hey I was the one out of pocket. I heard from friend on the myPH forum that he had a similar problem and it took him about 3 months to get his money back.

So there you have it if the ATM steals your money in the Philippines expect to wait 3 months to get it back.