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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Avoid Legal Proceedings in the Philippines

Hello again,

I would like to warn anybody living in the Philippines to avoid at all costs taking any legal action. I am speaking as a person who has embarked on a case of trespass against 3 people that entered my home without invitation.

My wife and I were out at the time but my 6 year old daughter and our helper were at home. Having found us not to be home these three people came in to my home and removed and item belonging to the sister of one of the trespassers.

To cut to the chase I accused them of trespass, intimidation and coercion of a minor. The whole matter is now with the courts. The Reason I advise against getting involved is that the Justice System here is overworked and underpaid. Advice given is far from accurate and I feel that I am halfway to loosing my case before it's gone to court as a result.

It is only the fact that these people invaded the sanctity of my home and left my daughter exposed to the experience, that I am pursuing the matter. If at all possible just let it go!.

Will keep you posted as to what happens next.