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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Update on my Trespass Case

Today the 16th March 2006 I have to attend the court here in Cebu to take part in a process called mediation. As I understand it, I have to meet with the accused and see if there is any way that formal proceedings can be avoided.

To my mind this is a pointless procedure as the accused are so full of bravado that there attitude is, we can beat you , you are just a stupid foreigner here. On there own the accused could not afford to pay their electricity bill but because they have the infamous Phil-Am sister to fund their case they feel sure to win.

I have a good case against them but hey this is the Philippines and strange things do happen. I will give you an example, the judge in this case decided to lower the offence that these people were being charged with, from grave coercion of a minor with trespass to dwelling, down to just Qualified Trespass to Dwelling. As a result of this I was allowed to submit review affidavits and enter any new witnesses I might have. The court however failed to make me aware of this and as such I am now probably stuck having just one witness.

Bottom Line, if you have to take legal action over here then get a good lawyer from the start and do not believe everything the justice department might tell you.

Keep you posted on development from today's meeting