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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Trespass Case Update

Hello, long time no write!.

I am just giving an update regarding the trespass case I am embroiled in here in Cebu Philippines. On March 16, 2006 I had to attend the court because my case was referred to mediation. Basically the two sides are given the opportunity to reach an amicable settlement.

I turned up at the court and met with the accused, it was obvious from the start that there was not going to be any form of settlement and indeed the accused were very close to becoming physical in their smug belief that this is an easy case for them to win.

These people are treating us like we are foreign scum and that we have no right being here in the Philippines. TO all who know Filipino's do not be fooled by the very friendly nature and warm welcoming greetings, many are very sincere and heartfelt but many are false and you are seen as an easy target to exploit or threaten.

I live in Cebu Philippines I meet many good folks who I would trust with my life yet there are just as many who would rob you of your child’s medication if they got the chance. This is not a racist statement but the honest truth, a truth that 10's of thousands of Filipinos would verify if asked the question.

So my warning goes out again if you are here in Cebu be very careful of who you make friends with even more careful of those who make friends with you!