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Monday, July 17, 2006

Trespass Case Update 3

On the 13th July 2006 I had to attend the court here in Lapu Lapu, Cebu, Philippines for the pre-trial hearing. This is where the lawyers of both the accused and accusers lay out what evidence they are going to presents etc.

The hearing was scheduled for 8:30am, with my case being number 5 on the schedule. Waiting in the court room while the other cases were dealt with it was becoming apparent that the people I accused of trespass in to my house and grave coercion of a minor (my 7 year old daughter)were not going to show up.

My case was called and on seeing the accused were not in court yet the judge moved on to the next case, we eventually get back around to my case again and still the accused are not present. So the judge ordered that a warrant for their arrest be issued.

I find it hard to understand why these people think they are above the law, one of the accused is a policeman here in Cebu, his actions could cost him his job and pension benefits. The accused have been so full of bravado saying "It's an easy case, you cant touch us, we have never lost in court"etc...

It would appear that their lawyer dropped them probably because they could not afford him and because he was an ex trial court judge and I don't think he would pursue as case where his clients were so obviously guilty. I believe that the Phil American sister of these people has also cut off the revenue stream they were so reliant on.

The case is now scheduled for the back end of October, I will let you know how it pans out.


New Real Estate Web Site

Hello long time no blog. I have been working hard to create a new Real Estate web site. I wanted to keep the same general look as the old liveCebu site but switch to using a database driven design.

This is now done and thanks to OpenRealty (open source software) and a lot of hard work things are now up an running. I am now able to add property listings without having to generate individual html pages. The listings do not display quite as nicely but on the whole I think things look quite good. Have a look:

Alan H